Salsa in the Park: A Unique Experience in Singapore

Recently, I've been invited to collaborate with a startup called Funzing which is an interesting platform to discover fun and quirky things to do around town. Known as the "AirBnB for experiences", Funzing is a community marketplace for unique activities which started in London and has just been launched in Singapore last January 2016.

The Funzing team wanted me to teach Latin but with a twist. So instead of your normal studio lessons, I decided: why not hold it outside on a park? I was inspired by a French friend of mine who showed me a video of how they used to have dances outside in the park, just in front of the Eiffel Tower. It looked so beautiful and fun, and I can see how everyone was enjoying: dancing, laughing and meeting new people. I wanted to bring that experience to Singapore.

The next step was to think of the perfect location to hold it. I wanted it to be breezy (so people don't sweat too much considering the humidity here in Singapore), but still appreciate the beauty and greeneries of an open park. Finally, I found the perfect spot in the lovely Botanic Gardens which also happened to have been recently declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Perfect.


So far, I've done one pilot class which saw an attendance of some locals and expats. It was truly a great way to exercise, have fun and meet new people! It has already been featured on Timeout Singapore and another publication has contacted me for the opportunity to do another feature/collaboration! Hopefully, as I continue to hold classes each week, more and more people will come and try it out and appreciate the beauty of Singapore parks, the diversity of its people, and appreciate the fun and very social dance - the Salsa.

Hope you can come join me on my next class! :)

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Dee - Host

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Dance Salsa in the Park:
Posted by Funzing Singapore on Monday, January 11, 2016



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