FREE TRIAL CLASS: Let's Salsa at the Park!

The beautiful Benchasiri / Queen's Park in Bangkok, Thailand

The beautiful Benchasiri / Queen's Park in Bangkok, Thailand

An afternoon of active fun, learning the sexy and cheeky social dance: the Salsa.

Taught by a seasoned dancer and an award-winning dance sport competitor. Join Dee for 45 minutes of salsa at the park where you'll be moving, tapping and twirling like the stars of Dirty Dancing. 

Pick up an exciting compilation of dance moves to take to your next party. Plus, it's great exercise that will not only make you sweat but also improve your balance, strength, muscle tone and stamina.

This event is open to beginners and anyone who wants to get out, dance and have some fun.

All you need is some comfortable clothes, shoes, a willingness to learn, to laugh and meet new people! 

Do note that this is an outdoor activity and will be weather dependent so schedules may vary. 

    We are planning a series of weekend Salsa at the Park classes with your first one FREE!

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    What will we cover?

    During this 45-minute session, you will be introduced to the basic steps for Salsa, learn to add posture and grace to each movement, and incorporate additional dance variations to your basic steps.

    Dancing is more fun with friends!