Why I Love Creating Wedding Dances


Part of being a ballroom and latin dance teacher means I get to work in an area of this industry that is less appreciated but brings me so much fulfillment.

The wedding dance is the ultimate expression of love. It is a new couple's first introduction to society, and their first dance is the beginning of a couple’s teamwork and dedication towards each other as they start their life journey together.


I enjoy helping couples take this exciting first step for three big reasons:

I’m a hopeless romantic.

I'm a romantic. I've probably watched Titanic and The Notebook a thousand times - and yes - I sometimes read romance novels. I admit it! 

I love participating in such an impotant aspect of a couple's life. It ignites a passion for giving them only the best. 

I'm inspired by expanding boundaries.

In all new wedding dance lessons, there is a certain excitement as couples practice partner dances. Some tease each other as they try to learn steps but there is always a good vibe and atmosphere in the dance studio whenever my students are preparing for their wedding.

I enjoy being able to help couples expand the boundaries of their relationship to build a new experience for them both. 

I love the medium of wedding dances.

Every girl dreams of being Belle. Wedding dances give me an avenue to recreate the childhood dance scenes we've all grown up with. Attention to romantic details in the arts help me weave together themes to create wedding dances that show off the strength and gracefulness of loving partners.

Want help with your wedding dance or know someone to gift this to? Send me a message.

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