10 Ab Exercises to Strengthen Your Core



Core strength is very important to dancers in order to maintain proper posture and balance all throughout a performance. Here are 10 moves that I normally incorporate into my ab exercises to keep it interesting. Try them out!


Move #1: Modified V-Ups

If you can, do it slowly and with control. Try not to jerk on your way up. Peel the spine off the floor one vertebra at a time.

Move #2: Modified Hundreds

Keep chest in and ribs shouldn't be popping out (keeping your chin to your chest may help if it gets difficult). Keep shoulders down.

Move #3: Ab Rotation Hold

Same as #2.

Move #4: Hang / Ab Hold

Same as #2. And keep your elbows pointed to the sides if you can.

Move #5: Side Leg Raises

Keep supporting arm vertical to the floor. Engage core the whole time to use less of leg muscles.

Move #6: Leg Raises w/ Press Up

When you lower your legs, try to go as low / closer to the floor as you can without arching your back. If you feel that you are starting to arch, stop at the angle your leg is in and keep it at that for the meantime.

Move #7: Oblique Crunches - Leg Up

Try to keep your legs straight and really vertical to the floor (mine got a little out of line in the end, oops!).

Move #8: Bicycle Crunches - Leg Stretched

Keep outstretched leg at a 45 degree angle.

Move #9: Leg Hold

Engage your core and use less of quads.

Move #10: Plank + Single Leg Plank

Maintain straight line of the body parallel to the floor. Press down the shoulders.

Are you getting dizzy yet? 😜 Time to hit the gym!

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