Workout Exercises to Keep Your Gym Session a Little Less Boring

If you're like me and have a short attention span and get bored with the usual treadmill, cycling and other gym machines, this post is for you.

Here are some exercises to vary your normal gym exercises.


Standing core exercises

I particularly like this as you can do it anywhere and doesn't need much time. All you need is 4 minutes and you're good.

  • 1 min on each side medicine ball raises (I alternate between 2kg and 4kg weighted balls)
  • 1 min side crunches (the trick is to do it as fast as you can while still maintaining your posture)
  • 1 min side stretch (same thing, do the alternate stretches as fast as you can)



Front: Make sure to keep your back leg straight and try to keep the heel of your back foot flat on the floor. Also make sure your hips are square (facing front).

Side: Engage your core the whole time. For dancers, try to go as low as you can, flexing your foot as you go. Slowly come up, using your core muscles.


Hamstring Stretch with Push Ups

One of my favorites since for dancers, one thing we need to be careful of is to not bulk (muscles) too much in the danger of becoming stiff. We don't want our muscles contracted therefore we try to stretch after or during each workout to keep muscles lean and long. This exercise combines both stretching and workout.


Flexibility and Core Exercise

My personal favorite. Lunges help exercise your core and glutes. Make sure to follow the reminders on doing lunges. Practice your splits on both sides. Do this across the floor and back again.



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