Dee for Dance Masterclass + Dubai Travel Tips!

Last December, I decided to spend Christmas with my sisters in Dubai together with my then-boyfriend-now fiancé, Oliver.


It's always a good time when I'm with my older sister Sunshine.

She's been residing there for 11 years and started a brand digital consultancy agency and a multi-media content creation company together with her husband, which explains the photo below. My younger sister Czarina also just recently moved to Dubai for work so it was the perfect time to go visit again.

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I've compiled a quick gallery of recommendations for anyone who's planning a trip to Dubai:

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The best part about the trip, of course, was being able to share my dance knowledge to dancesport teachers and athletes there.

It was an amazing afternoon filled with dance and laughter from people sharing the same passion. I tailored an agenda that could encompass the foundations of high-level competitive dancing. It was difficult to fit it all in 4 hours but I'm happy that we managed to pull it off.



At the end of the day, I was hopefully able to leave the dance athletes with the importance of function over form. To focus on their foundations and technique. To really get to know their own body and understand the mechanics in order to elevate their dancing. Styling and form will change and modernize over time for sure, but the foundations will always, ALWAYS be the same. So focus on your technique and fundamentals.

Enjoy this short clip of snippets from the workshop!

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